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2008 June 11

This time around, my photos went up before the explanatory post, so I thought I’d go see if anyone had commented on them. No comments there, but looking at the view counts on what I’ve uploaded so far is really interesting. The photos of my Hello Kitty keychain hanging from the lightswitch and me seated Japanese-style with Mrs. Hashiba are two of the more popular ones, with 10 views each – but the annotated photo of the outlet in my first hotel is by far the most popular, with 21 views! Seems weird to me – if you’re interested in strange Japanese technology, isn’t the Washlet a little more fascinating?

Incidentally, I’ve gone back and forth on whether to use Skitch or Flicker tags for adding comments to a photo. I think I’ll use Skitch for the photos that are less interesting on their own and more about showcasing odds and ends like outlets and toilets, and keep more significant photos free of clutter for viewing from my blog sidebar. Also, Skitch is an awesome program – check it out!

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