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2008 June 12

Before the significant update of the day, here’s a little story about Fanta Furufuru Shaker.

I bought this drink out of the vending machine of the Guest House today. There are two Fanta drinks – one is seemingly regular Fanta grape in an aluminum bottle, and the other is this bizarre little can with pictures of oranges shaking cans of orange soda on it. I like orange soda, so what the heck, right? 

The product name being “sheikaa”, combined with the oranges, makes me think I’ve got to shake this thing before drinking it – seems weird to shake a soda, but as I take it back to my room I notice that the yellow bubble on top says something about vigorously (shaking?) about ten times, so I guess I’ve got to do just that. I shake it up, cautiously pop it open, and take a sip… 

… and I’ve got to say, this is the most bizarrely amazing junction of texture I’ve ever experienced in a drink – and I drink bubble tea on a regular basis. But this is orange soda – sharp and bubbly already – with softer bubbles of orange jelly in it! Smooth and tingly at the same time.

America, you’re really missing out on this jelly-in-drinks thing.

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  1. traci-chan permalink
    2008 June 13 9:53 am

    oh man i don’t know if that sounds gross or delicious!

  2. Sparks permalink
    2008 June 14 2:37 pm

    I am seriously wanting some bubble tea recently.

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