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Assorted Photos 1

2008 June 13

I’m already halfway through my bandwidth for the month on Flickr; perhaps I’ll need to purchase a pro account at some point. For now, I’ll put some amusing-but-less-important photos here.

This one I forgot about for a while – this was the door to my room in the New Izu Hotel that I stayed in for my first two nights in Japan. See how short it is?

This photo I took today at Jusco. There was an entire section full of capsule toy dispensers and other sorts of arcade prize machines – including this one, a singing Hello Kitty machine. I forget what it dispensed, but it was a little weird, even to me. I couldn’t tell, though, if it was this machine that kept yelling 「じゃんけんぽん!相子でしょう!」(roughly “Rock Paper Scissors! It’s a tie!”) every time I turned around.

I just barely missed the 20:26 bus back to campus, so I ducked into another store and then waited for the 21:36 bus. While I was waiting, a very large spider was constructing something atop the post.

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