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Names in Japanese

2008 June 13

Just one more thing before I go to bed. Here’s a link that everyone I’ve passed it onto seems to have fun with:

A Japanese calligrapher has put together transliterations of most names in katakana (as all foreign names are written in Japanese) along with pronunciation guides for those with shifts, as well as provding kanji for names with traceable meanings. I found my name on here a few years ago, I thought, but it seems to have been removed. Just as well; the translation of my name’s meaning from its language of origin was 憂い – sadness, grief, despair. And trying to directly translate マラ is hilariously worse; thus why my professors have insisted on spelling my name マーラ. Anyway, have some fun with that link!

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  1. traci-chan permalink
    2008 June 14 11:15 pm

    Traci toreishi- shuukaku Harvest


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