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2008 July 13

Today I remembered that Google Local works in countries other than the US and used it to find a bigger bookstore than the one I visited previously, which was one floor in the basement of a department store. Utsunomiya proved to be much larger and also had a searchable catalogue online, so I found that they carried some of the books I had found in the library and decided to go out there. The specific ones I was looking for weren’t there, but I still did well: one introductory color science text with a section on associations, published in part by a Japanese color research center, and one pictureless text on colors throughout Japanese history.

Then I wandered back down to Tatemachi, the hip shopping district, and was trying to decide what to look for when I passed a kimono store. I stopped to look at the cheap yukata (light summer kimono) outside, was invited inside by an employee in a beautiful white/blue kimono, and ended up picking out a yukata set with her help. (In addition to finding just the right yukata design, there was the matching obi to pick out, the geta (shoes), and the underlayer and kit of extra things to help with wearing.) I’d wanted to get a yukata in case I managed to catch the fireworks on the 26th, since yukata are worn to summer festivals – today there were some Japanese women obviously shopping for new yukata for the same reason. After I made my purchase, the employee dressed me in it, and then I rode the bus back to campus to take some pictures of it for you all, so take a look at my Flickr gallery for some (poorly-framed) shots of me in my lovely birthday present from my parents! I thought a yukata might be something they’d want to get me, and since they approved of the design over Skype this evening, I’ll declare it a successful present.

By the way, I encountered my very first squatty potty in the kimono store just before I began the dressing process. Lucky for me I didn’t need to use it; I wasn’t sure how to even attempt to start.

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  1. Patti Goldman permalink
    2008 July 13 2:23 pm


    The yukata is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it when you get home. I am enjoying your blog!


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