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Too Tired to Update

2008 July 30

Sorry for the lack of posts in this final week here. I’ve been busy non-stop; in Kanazawa, there were festivities and a night at Asami’s parents’ house, and in Tokyo my visit with my former roommate Megan and friends to the museum of famous anime director Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli studio has been followed up by school friend Chad and I touring the major districts of Tokyo by day and exploring Ueno by evening. I’m exhausted every day, so my paper for Prof. Miura has been unofficially put off, and I think more detailed updates on my last week in Japan will have to wait too. So expect a full summary after I get back!

Once that’s done, this journal will undergo a bit of a conversion. The organization from college that funded my project recently started a collaborative blog on undergraduate research, and I volunteered any relevant material here for use there, so any post I tag with the word “project” gets fed to that as well. So, when I buckle down in August and work out the paper, I’ll use this blog to talk about that. I don’t expect that is what most people were interested in when reading this blog, so feel free to stop reading or unsubscribe at that point. If you are interested, however, I’ll welcome your interest and feedback.

For now: very busy having fun with friends in Tokyo, will write more detailed summaries of my last week when I get back. Plus I got nice video footage of fireworks in Kanazawa which I’ll try to splice together into a single movie, so stay tuned for that at least!

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