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Second Video Blog from Hamada

2009 September 10

This time I discuss school introductions and colliding with insects.

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  1. 2009 September 11 10:33 am

    Mara, it’s so exciting to hear about your many wonderful experiences in Japan. You make us feel that we are there with you. Thanks so much. Wish we could help you to ward off the cicadas and spiders. Hang in there and watch those arm movements in front of police. Love ya.
    Aunt Miriam & Uncle Walter

  2. Sparks permalink
    2009 September 13 11:51 am

    You sound sad at the beginning I MISS YOU… I haven’t seen you around at 6AM lately… ::shrugs::


  3. 2009 September 13 3:00 pm

    Thursday and Friday night (aka Thursday and Friday morning for you) I was actually out. I guess you don’t wake up at 6 AM on Saturdays. 😉

    Also mukade noooooo~

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