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Fighting Flickr

2009 September 24

All my work on the Silver Week writeups was foiled by Flickr’s unwillingness to display linked images. I think it’s just unhappy that I messed with the code it produced to resize the images, so I’ll have to go back and change all the image tags to exactly what Flickr wants. I’ve also just figured out how the Flickr plug-in for iPhoto works, though, and letting those two talk to each other to get my albums straight eats up lots of time. I think all my photos are up and in the order, so feel free to browse the Silver Week gallery to see all of them. Next chance I get, I’ll fix the embedded photos.

Sorry this is such a slow process, folks. Between my backup program squabbling with my external hard drive and iPhoto struggling to keep up with 8-megapixel photos, I think the new computer I’ve been eyeing is becoming a little more necessary.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with a couple more sidebars. On the right-hand side there is now a calendar to show you when I’ve updated and a link roll of vaguely related or useful sites. I really recommend checking out Maru’s blog. His owner writes his blogs in both Japanese and English (although his English is a little Babelfish-y sometimes), and the videos and photos of Maru are both cute and very funny. Nothing like a good cat picture to brighten your day, right?

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