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Why There Is Still No New Blog Post

2009 October 12

Friday: meeting in 三隅; dinner with Rachel; 飲み会 afterpartying with Rachel, Rebecca, Jonathan and his JTEs
Saturday: University festival, dinner with Kayo and Jonathan, karaoke with Jason et al.
Sunday: University festival, dinner with Jonathan and Rebecca, hanging out and cleaning/decorating my bathroom.
Monday (holiday due to 体育の日, Sports Day, not Columbus Day): Costume shopping in 大田市 with Rebecca, dinner party with Shane and friends.

Coming up this week…
Tuesday: calligraphy lesson; prepping candy corn dough for class on Wednesday
Wednesday: English conversation group
Thursday (payday!): weekly すし蔵会

After that I *think* I’m out of excuses. But as you can see, I’ve been up to a lot and will get up to more this week, so at least there will be plenty to read about!

In the meantime, sleep is even more precious now that the election next weekend has politicians out driving around in cars with loudspeakers yelling their own names and waking me up every morning. The Japanese campaign period is short to prevent this from getting annoying, but even a little bit is too much. I’m starting to appreciate the long American campaign season simply for its informative yet easy-to-tune-out television advertising.

EDIT: If you’re reading this on or after Oct. 17, I’ve updated a lot and backdated posts to spread them out a little bit and put them closer to when the actual events were. Thus this post on why there were no blog posts appears in the middle of a bunch of blog posts. I live to confuse.

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  1. Grandma Mollie Cohen permalink
    2009 October 18 10:33 pm

    This is Tanta Piffle. The song I heard on your blog was actually an american spiritual (african american) called “:going home” and it was used by Dvorak in his “New World Symphony”. Do they play it to everyone broadcast on the street or just over the radio? Wow!

    Get an electric heater and don’t mess around with the gas one. Better yet, get the safest ones that AREn’t radiant. (Yes Feingold anxiety speaking here).

    Did you go to the buddhist meeting/party? how was it?

    The only time I ever have to check in on you is when I am at Grammy Mollie’s with Sergio and we are here now. But I am going to try and get myself on skype at home and get your website as a homepage too. Still digitally slow.
    Tanta Piffle

    • 2009 October 18 10:43 pm

      Wow, it makes sense that they would have grabbed it from Dvorak, but that’s so interesting! There are loudspeakers throughout the downtown area that broadcast it, so you hear it on the street. Smaller towns incorporated into the greater Hamada area have their own loudspeaker systems and play different songs. Thanks for identifying it for me!

      The Buddhist meeting turned out to be for the festival I volunteered at – totally non-religious. I did get to see the outside of the temple, though; they have a beautiful statue of Nichiren himself.

      Skype should be a pretty quick setup for you at home, since your laptop has a built-in webcam. Lots of love to Sergio!

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