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2010 January 11

A very belated happy new year to everyone reading this little blog.

I am back home in Hamada after a long vacation of traveling and catching up with my beloved family, whom I left in Hiroshima today to head back to Tokyo tomorrow in preparation for their flight home later this week. I have to teach tomorrow, but I’m sorry I couldn’t see them off a little better.

At any rate, I’m feeling refreshed from some good ol’ family love. Perfect timing too; as my folks will attest, my house is freezing in winter, especially the kitchen and the bathroom, so December was a little lethargic and depressing. I’m sure there are a couple things I forgot to post here, but mostly I was down.

Now, however, I have two and a half weeks of photos to put up (Sam and Dad uploaded theirs in a separate location, but I’d like to have it all in one place, plus a few small contributions from my camera phone) and lots of stories to tell. In my free time this week, I’ll work on pushing all of that up. And hopefully, the rest of the month will be so interesting that I won’t slack off again. 🙂

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